Airy Tales

Once upon a time, there were people with inflatable fantasies…

Cyndi Irresistible

“The Cyndi Six-Pack”
All six MP3s listed below are available in this zip file.

Improvised inflation progression. This is how the “raw” files sounded when clients got them.

Recorded in 2004 along with sample 1, this was not released until 2009 because we were afraid people would expect to hear sound effects with their orders, and we weren’t offering that by default.

This is a completed project (with effects) that the anonymous client gave permission for us to release. This is inspired by my short story Self Control.

An unknown fan sent in this funk remix of Self Control.

A rarity. Korg Fal still has this posted in his Yahoo group, Korg’s Kaboom. It was his dialogue, recorded one of his original projects that (if memory serves) was supposed to feature two women, but I think only Cyndi’s half was ever recorded. I took the parts and remixed it into a solo story.

Warning: Explicit/graphic content. Aloziller has given permission for me to release one of the Wonka-themed projects I recorded for him. Imagine that Violet is a whiny, vulgar 18-year-old, and that Ms. Wonka was half as patient and twice as malicious as Mr. Wonka, and…well, download and hear for yourself!

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