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Once upon a time, there were people with inflatable fantasies…

Other stuff

In the fall of 2008 I was intereviewed by Forum (UK) for what I thought was going to be a small article on body inflation. Instead, when Volume 42, Number 12 came out, it featured an eight-page feature and a line on the cover!

Most of the article is from my e-mail interview with the author, but Critical Volume supplied illustrations as well as added his experiences as a member of the community, how he got into it, stuff like that. It’s a very non-judgmental piece; it’s more “look at this unusual interest” and not the “look at these sicko freaks” approach we sometimes get.

And if you read the article, you’ll see a note teasing this very site…or rather, what this site was supposed to be.

In any case, you can download the entire article as a PDF (with the author’s and publisher’s permission). I am very grateful that they have allowed this — keep it in mind next time you’re looking for smut at the newsstand!